Best Paper Awards

Percutaneous nephrostomy in the management of bilateral ureteric obstruction due to pelvic malignant disease : a dispassionate analysis of an emotive issue. Presentation, USICON Kolkata, December 1999. Sarkar K. K Sen Sharma J, Mukherjee S., Basu S.

Modified Ureterosigmoidostomy : Early experiences. Presentation, USICON, Bhuvaneshwar. 1999.

The Turnbull Loop Ileostomy for urinary diversion. Presentation, USICON. Chandigarh, 1998.

JJ stents : Problems and solutions. Presentation, August 1996, USICON EZ, Siliguri. Sarkar K. K ,Sen Sharma J, Mukherjee S., Basu S.

The unreliability of a structured clinical questionnaire and a visual analogue scale compared with uroflowmetry in the diagnosis of an obstructed flow rate. Sarkar KK Mukherjee S. Presentation USICON August 1995 ( East Zone ) Imphal. Sarkar K. K ,Sen Sharma J, Mukherjee S., Basu S.