Blood in Urine

Why do we get blood in the urine?
Blood in the urine is always a serious matter. The causes of bleeding may be many :
  • urinary infections
  • kidney stones
  • prostate enlargement
What doctors are worried about is that blood in the urine may be caused by cancerous growths of the urinary tract :
This may be anywhere in the kidney/ureters/bladder/prostate/urethra. So all episodes of bleeding with urine should be thoroughly investigated.

What should I do if I see blood in the urine?
Drink plenty of water. Rest in bed. Immediately consult the doctor. Do not ignore the presence of blood in the urine even if it clears up after one or two times.

Disclaimer - Information for the Patients are as per current practice standard and wide experience of the author. Patients are advised to refer to respective international medical guidelines for contemporary management of specific issue.