Uro-Oncology Clinic

With an ageing population there is an increasing clinical burden of urological cancer all of which require very specialized treatment. The common problems are :
  • Early prostate cancer
  • Advanced prostate cancer
  • Bladder cancer management
  • The treatment of renal mass lesions
Urological cancers are common, slow growing, and need prolonged protocol based treatment and follow-up. Many such cancers are treated by radiotherapy, particularly prostate cancer which is now a major issue in menís health worldwide. General urologists also have limitations in urological cancer treatment as help of radiation and medical oncologists may be required. On the other hand the management of urological cancer needs specialized urological skills (viz. endoscopic) which can only be provided by fully trained urologists. Hence there is a need for uro-oncology departments specifically developed for focused care in these areas. Uro-oncology as a separate specialty exists in cancer hospitals only. Presently many patients with urological cancers are going to other states for treatment. In this perspective it is logical for Kolkata to start developing and promoting its own uro-oncological unit, and with these objectives AMRI hospitals has started its uro-oncology unit with Dr. Kalyan Sarkar as its Head of Department.

AMRI Uro-Oncology Clinic Objectives
To provide multidisciplinary team services where both the urologist and the oncologist and all experts in related specialties can contribute jointly and actively to the patientís management. A team effort enhances patient confidence. Services presently available :
  • Early prostate cancer
    Detection PSA ; TRUS prostatic biopsies
    Treatment IMRT/Radical prostatectomy
  • Advanced prostate cancer
  • Superficial bladder cancer
  • Invasive bladder cancer
  • Renal Cancer
In the longer term laparoscopic and robotic urological cancer surgery, HIFU and RFA treatments will be developed for the treatment of localized prostate cancer and small renal cancers.

For more details, please contact Ms. Ruma Samanta on +91.9748033570 Monday through Friday between 1 and 6 pm for appointment of Dr. Kalyan Kumar Sarkar.